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Bullshit RemovalDo you sometimes (or often) feel frustrated by the level of bullshit you are exposed to, subjected to, that you experience and notice in your life? Me too. Geez, it's out there, they're out there, there's plenty of it about. It's in food, it's on TV, it's on facebook, it's in little snippets of communication going on all day, every day, and most significantly, it's in our own heads. It's all through politics and economics, social structures, education.... it's out there.

I'm increasingly aware of the amount of bullshit I'm surrounded by and subjecting myself to every day, and yet I'm in a very emotionally healthy and peaceful place right now. The thing is I'm noticing it more, (bullshit, that is), but I'm not taking it seriously, internalising it, projecting it and all that kind of nonsense (well, not much, or much less than I once did, lol).

The more complicated things seem, the more useful it is to understand how simple things are. Bear with me here, I like to chunk up pretty high, pretty often, and it does come off as vague. Strangely, I also have a wonderful ability to attend to details, sometimes; it's all ok. Anyway, when I say things are simple, I really mean it. Life is simple, it's simple to sort out what's going on in our lives and reach decisions about what is the most loving and constructive thing to be doing right now.

The way we can better see the simplicity of things is by being in touch with our values and knowing what really matters to us and why. Bullshit removal begins by developing a habit of reality checking. We can learn to regularly check in with ourselves by asking the question "what is the purpose of this?"

"What is the purpose of this?" "What is my intention?" "What is the outcome I am seeking?"

These are enormously powerful questions. They're so useful and practical. They allow us to check in, check for bullshit, and remove it, set it aside, step over or around it, wade through it with gumboots on if necessary, and stay on track for living in alignment with what we truly value.

Purpose and intention are the antidote to bullshit! When we are connected with our purpose and we have a clear intention, one which is aligned with our purpose and with our highest values, bullshit will stand out like a standy-outy thing. It can even look pretty funny, and we can find it highly amusing instead of distressing.

There are many ways we can recognize bullshit, and it's important that we're brave enough to see it in ourselves as well as outside ourselves. We can get a feeling about it, we can determine it from the facts, we can notice how things sound to us and we can notice the visual impression we get from things.

The thing is, well crafted bullshit will have a story attached to it. The story may suck you in or confuse you if it includes snippets of reality. Don't fall for that, it's a very old and crummy trick. Separate out the parts and examine them individually if necessary.


The story will be one that can be easily recognized on the Victim Triangle. There will be characters, and those characters will have roles which oscillate between victim, persecutor and rescuer. It doesn't really matter which one, if you recognize any one of them, feel free to go ahead and call bullshit.
Because bullshit is what it really is.

Feel free to call bullshit, and please learn to do it internally as well as externally.

Learning to call bullshit on your own internal monologue (see this article if you have trouble identifying it) is one of the most liberating things you will ever do! Think about what you or others are making things mean. Notice how you or others are interpreting things, and how many other possible interpretations there are.

Teach your children to question things. It's better that they be free thinkers than mindless conformists. You can do this and still have respectful, well behaved children – it's quite possible! I'd rather they were a bit cheeky at times than that they were mindlessly "good". It's ok for children to have an opinion! And it's also Ok for you to know better and trust your own judgement where necessary, whilst still listening to and acknowledging them.

When people push your buttons, whether it's random people when you're out and about or online, people you work with, customers, clients, your children, your family, your friends or your partner, notice what meaning you're attaching in the moment, and consider alternatives, or even that it's ok to not fully understand where they're coming from at the time. This open-mindedness frees you from bullshit and allows the possibility of greater understanding of yourself and of others.

We are all in control of our own emotional state. We are all in control of our own thoughts. We are all in control of our own choices. It often doesn't feel like it, and it's easy to lose touch with the reality of the power we truly have in our own existence, but it continues to be there, nonetheless.

Ok, maybe that statement pushes some buttons for people experiencing depression, oppression or addiction. I'll write about those separately. For the purpose of this article, I'm sticking with the theme of bullshit, and I call bullshit on a lot of the stuff out there about depression and addiction as well.

Here's the thing. What you're thinking, saying or doing, is either sane and rational, coming from a place of love, in alignment with truth and peace and the highest good, or it's not. Yeah, I get that some choices presented to us are ridiculous and unfair.

What counts is the intention you come from as you make your choice in the moment. If your intention is clear, and you're aligned with love rather than fear, then that's the best you can do, and you can be at peace with that.

Wow, is it really that simple?

Yep. Yes it is.


#1 Bernice Varrie 2015-07-07 18:02
Thank you for this enlightening article. You really expose the confusing messiness we get entangled in.


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