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iStock 000024857327XSmallWhenever you get stuck on something or feel you’d like to be making more progress on it and you’re not sure what is holding you back, it’s a good idea to get back in touch with the reason you wanted the thing in the first place, the purpose of it, what it will mean to you, what it will give you.

When we lose touch with our purpose, we run the risk of carrying on pursuing things that no longer have the meaning they once held for us, doing things for the wrong reasons, achieving an outcome but missing the mark of what it was designed to do.  This means time and effort wasted.

Being organized, to me, is a multi faceted thing.  It’s about my environment and my stuff, and it’s also about managing my time. 

With the physical stuff and environment part, it’s about knowing where to find things, seeing order, the environment being arranged in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way, belongings being cared for, being comfortable. 

The time management part is about knowing what I’m doing and feeling good about it.  It means I feel secure in my decisions, about how much time I will spend on various things.  It also means routine essential basics are taken care of, and are at a reasonable standard.

Now I do love a list, so here is a list of things I gain as a result of being organized:-

-          Good feelings!  Feeling safe and secure, feeling sure of myself, feeling worthwhile, feeling calm, feeling virtuous, feeling accepted and acceptable, loved and loveable, feeling I am ok...

-          Being physically comfortable.  That means my home is clean, I have clean clothes and linen, a comfortable bed to sleep in, good food in the fridge, heat, my health taken care of, somewhere comfortable to sit...

-          Productivity and progress.  I can see what’s been achieved, there is tangible progression towards goals, routine things are getting done, I’m keeping up...

-          The absence of negative feelings like guilt, stress, uncertainty, doubt, fear....

-          Better concentration, clearer thinking, easier prioritising – because my conscious thinking is not clogged up and distracted by disorder

-          Better resilience and ability to cope with stress, not easily thrown off course

Being organized is a form of self care, an indication of how well we are functioning generally, just as our health and our appearance can be.  However well we are functioning, creating order in a constructive way is a step towards overall improvement.

So many of us struggle with depression and anxiety, and have ups and downs, times when we are doing better and times when the basics are a struggle.  Sometimes we seem to be on a roll and doing so well, then something can throw us off course.  Or we may be doing fine in some areas and have certain things we really struggle with.

My advice for times of struggle, of self doubt and of emotional pain is to keep moving with basics of self care, and that includes organization.  Washing your hair, getting dressed and doing the dishes are forms of self care.  Filing is a form of self care.  Putting things away, sweeping the floor and doing laundry are forms of self care.  Eating, sleeping, drinking water and moving your body are forms of self care.

We’re no good to anyone if we have not first met our own basic needs, which is why we are instructed to fit our own oxygen mask first in a plane.

The benefits listed above are all things which make us function better.  Being organized makes us function better.  Functioning better will assist us towards whatever is important to us, whether it’s bringing up our children, training our dog or curing cancer.  We function better if we’re organized just as we function better if we’ve had enough sleep, had something to eat and drink, had some exercise, had some positive human interaction.

For this reason, it’s important to notice that it’s useless waiting to feel better first, before we take steps to improve our organization.  It’s taking the action which will make us feel better.  That action might be undertaking a complete re-organization of our filing system, our kitchen cupboards or our wardrobe, or it might just be getting in the shower, getting dressed, washing up and going out for milk.

So, as I contemplate the state of my office, the state of my desk, the state of the pile of papers in my in tray and the state of the computer files where somewhere the original draft of this article went missing, I remind myself that the purpose of creating order here is not for it’s own sake, it’s so that I can get this article published,  give my full attention to my coaching clients, keep up with the kids school notices, the bills and running the home.  And I remind myself that those things lead to caring for and supporting my family, feeling like a worthwhile human being and making my contribution to the world.

Now with those high level outcomes in mind, the specifics are being able to find things, keeping track of and prioritising tasks and appointments and having visual order and cleanliness.

So, as you think about whatever area it is where you would like more organization, I encourage you to give some thought to the purpose, the outcome, what it means to you, what it will give you, and to allow it all to fall into place, for your priorities to become clear, and to allow yourself the wonderful feeling that comes with being mindful of what it’s all about.


#3 julia 2015-10-11 08:29
:lol: :Dear Yvette, I love this message. I would love my darling daughter to embrace these simple truths. How do I encourage her?
#2 suzy 2013-06-07 15:12
#1 leigh 2013-06-05 15:32
Just what i needed to read this morning. Thank you


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