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FushciasHaving just moved house again, (I wrote this six months ago), I’m enjoying the opportunity to re-assess how we use the space available in our home.  There is sorting, chucking out, picture hanging and of course some furniture will be changed.

Our environments, those we choose and have control of, are a reflection of how we are feeling and functioning and what we are thinking about.

I’m all for working on improving how we feel, think and function; it’s what I help clients with as a Life Coach, but of course we can get a positive results from giving our attention to the external directly as well.

In other words, clean up your mess, create an atmosphere in your home that is compatible with the life you want to be living, and it will help you feel, think and function better.

You might want to start with your desk, your car, your bed, your bathroom or your kitchen sink.  Get rid of whatever is not serving a useful or aesthetic purpose, and go for clean surfaces.  I find it better to have places to put things away rather than leaving them permanently out on surfaces if possible.  It’s easier to dust, and minimises distraction.

As with anything, ask yourself what the purpose of the space concerned is.  We often keep things in certain places around the house which no longer really belong there, and don’t acknowledge the real purposes we need to use our space for, or notice the full or true potential of our space.

Whilst having a bit of a sort out, I tend to make some piles.  These piles will be about grouping items, like the pile of extension cords and power boards I’ve made until we know which ones will be needed where, and piles of clothes to give away, toys found to be kept for younger children, and broken stuff to be thrown away. 


Just between you and me, there is also a pile of kids school portfolios I do not intend to keep all of, but have been putting off sorting through because, well, it’s very boring, and there might be the odd treasure in there.  Soon I’m sure I’ll get sick of stepping over them and make some decisions.

When faced with an issue like that, of course we ask ourselves what is the purpose of keeping some of those things, and I take into account what would interest the kids to look at in the future.  It appears they’ve already given this some consideration, as there are signs of rummaging.

If your home is not all exactly organized and just as you would like it right now, it’s good to feel you’re making steady progress by making at least one improvement each day.  Start with what will make the most difference to you right now.  With having visitors to the house a lot when we first moved in, I went for making the entrance hall and front lounge room as tidy, attractive and welcoming as I could.

In your efforts to create an orderly environment which is functional and comfortable for you, remember the importance of cleaning.  Dust has a habit of sneaking up on you, and things like curtains, bedspreads, rugs etc need a good wash sometimes and hanging in the sunshine if possible.  Remember, sunshine kills dust mites, and I’m so allergic to those little rotters one look at my puffy eyes will tell you if I’m behind on my cleaning.

When I say my cleaning, I mean my family’s cleaning of course.  They all help.  Hanging and folding washing and washing dishes regularly soon gives kids a sense of responsibility and pride in their environment, and luckily my bloke is a bit of a clean freak and knows how to work the Dyson.

Although we’ve moved to a slightly larger home, it’s definitely time for a cull.  Once a year we fill up the nature strip out the front of the house for the hard rubbish collection, and that seems to keep things under control.

I think it’s important to pay attention to our feelings when we make decisions about how to use our space.  Logical thinking is good, but you just know sometimes when the vibe isn’t right and you need to move something around.  Some people call that Fung Shui, which I read about with interest some years ago, but got quite bogged down in the fact that it originated in the northern hemisphere and I felt things needed adjusting for the different seasons in the southern hemisphere where I live, but I digress.  Energy flow around our home is something we can just intuit.  For example, do I want to turn my desk so that I am looking out the window sideways, or is this way facing the window better, peeking at the birds between my computer monitors.

When you feel stuck in your home, seemingly unable to walk over to that washing machine or get that vacuum cleaner out or put those clothes away, ask yourself why you are choosing to devalue yourself right now.  Just do the thing, move yourself, do anything constructive, and allow the energy to unblock itself and inspiration to come to you as you move around your space more and more.

And that inspiration will come to you if you allow it.  Just stand in the room for a few minutes, quietly breathing and letting go of the chatter, then have a look around and notice your emotional responses as you do.  You may find that you suddenly know what might work better for you in this space.  Do you need to move a chair, remove a picture, re-purpose the whole room?  Imagine the change, and notice how it feels.  Better or not?  Is the room set up in a way which serves you?  How is the light?

One of the most important things I consider in how I use the space in my home, is my family.  We’ve acknowledged the need to be able to bring everyone together, to allow for extended family gatherings, to allow each of us to have some privacy and personal space, to create a grown-ups space as well as a family space, and to be able to each do our own thing whilst ensuring kids are adequately supervised.  These things are why floorplans and furniture layouts matter so much, and were the main reason I wanted to move, as this little house is so much more flexible and has such a nice vibe about it. 

There are still some refinements to be made, and I think our homes are always a work in progress.  I’m hoping my gardening skills might improve, but if not, I can rely on David to keep my plants alive; he has much more of a knack.  Mum hasn’t had to confiscate any for rescue since he came along.

The thing is, when we take pride in our home and really put some thought into making it as aesthetically pleasing and functional as possible, it supports us in our quest to stay positive, look after ourselves and our family, and continue with our journey of personal growth.  Yes, I really think de-cluttering and moving your couch around to an ideal position has the potential to impact on your life in important ways.  Our environment is a reflection of ourselves, our values, and the lifestyle we choose, and it’s worth putting some thought into seeing how well we can get these things aligned.


#1 joceleyne cotrel 2015-09-08 20:33
I have tried all my life to be tidy. I had a very tidy mum but I have not inherited this quality. Plus I have a lot of hobbies like drawing, painting, playing the piano, singing, church, so I expect I'll go to the cemetery still trying to tidy up he he he. Ah well, I can still follow your advice. Thank you so much


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